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Herbal medicine is older than any other type of healthcare. Every culture has taken advantage of herbs and their benefits. Herbal medicine began with primitive cultures using different plants for shelter, clothing, and medicine. Man learned medicinal benefits of plants through trial and error methods in addition to observing animals. Man’s knowledge of herbs and their medicinal uses advanced over time. Herbal pharmacopoeias were developed by different tribes. Even the pharmacopoeia of scientific medicine in the 20th century was developed primarily from native herbal lore. Herbal medicine continues to influence the medicines of today. Up to 25 percent of all prescription drugs in the United States have at least one active ingredient that comes from plant extracts or synthesized plant compounds.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, pain, and heart disease are often treated today with commercial medicines containing plant-based substances. Ephedrine is derived from an herb called ephedra and is used in commercial medicines to relieve respiratory and asthma symptoms. The actual herb ephedra has been used for over two thousand years in traditional chinese medicine to treat the same symptoms. St. John’s Wort is used extensively to treat forms of depression. People have used this herb to avoid using Prozac, which produces unwanted side effects. Certain Ayurvedic herbs are commonly used to help those with conditions including diabetes and high cholesterol. Herbs such as Ginkgo biloba (ginkgo) and Ginseng continue to increase in popularity because of their helpful effects.

Herbal Supplements Work Best when Used Properly

However, Stewart Compounding Pharmacy believes that you should treat your intake of herbal supplements with the same caution as you would your prescription medications. This includes:

  • Taking only necessary supplements
  • Making your practitioner aware of the supplements you take
  • Being aware of reactions between supplements and prescription meds
  • Being aware of possible reactions between supplements
  • Taking the proper amount of each supplement

This is the commitment Stewart Compounding Pharmacy makes to our clients. Please contact us to learn more about the Herbal Supplements and professional advice we offer.

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