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Nutritional Supplements

We all know that our bodies need a broad range of nutritional supplements to keep functioning properly. Healthcare experts have told us time and time again that consumption of nutritional supplements - liquid vitamins, antioxidants etc - is a must for our health.

Nutritional deficiencies are among the most easily preventable causes of disease. It is important to realize that even mild ones can cause irreparable damage, particularly protein deprivation in young children, which may result in some degree of mental retardation. Periodic medical check-ups for everyone in the family are the best way to make sure that such deficiencies are corrected before they snowball into a chronic disease. In most cases, all that is required is a change in eating habits or daily absorption of nutritional supplements.

Talk with your doctor or a dietitian about which nutritional supplements might be appropriate for you and in what doses. Be sure to ask about possible side effects of nutritional supplements you're considering — and if they have interactions with medications you take.

Nutritional supplements can help you fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet. Contact Stewart Compounding Pharmacy of Fayetteville, NC to start your journey to proper nutritional balance!

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